Video conference carts

Tv Trolley ,Mounts floor stand for tv and Video conferencing Carts

We offer Video Conferencing cart trolley, floor mounted stands and with lockable casters that can make your workstation mobile and you will move with your presentation as well. we provide Single screen videoconferencing trolley, dual screen video conferencing trolleys· we offer a Range of plasma and LCD TV video conference single and dual display solution including floor stands / trolleys and mounting solutions..

We have a wide range of Mobile TV Trolleys for use at offices, exhibitions, meeting rooms and display areas in hospitals and malls .Sometimes its used for doing conference rooms as  Video Conferencing Trolley as well in Boardrooms. These television mounts or popularly called tv trolleys on wheels lcd tv trolley are perfect for retail stores, trade shows, and malls. Choose from a wide selection of flat panel, and LCD monitor displays and lcd trolley designs.Tv trolley or tv cart are popular Hongkong .We supply these tv trolley stands as a great alternative to traditional advertising methods. This flat screen mount and monitor display is becoming more prevalent in both the trade show industry as well as business lobbies and medical offices.Flat screen TV displays or led tv trolley are popping up everywhere. Casinos and hotels use this 42" LCD TV stand to mount a Samsung flat panel television to advertise upcoming live entertainment, featured restaurant specailly the  tv trolley on wheels.

Our flat panel floor stands accommodate with VESA standard, and many of tv floor stand comes with adjustable height. Some of Plasma Floor stand comes with optional shelf for Video Camera for video conferencing purpose as conference room furniture and or other shelf for DVD player or other storage option. like cabinets. These TV floor stands are designed for durability, ease, and style. You'll find rugged tube TV pedestal as well as easy-rolling TV pole stand designs for flat panel TVs. Our flat panel floor stands accommodate a wide variety of plasma and LCD TV screen sizes, many with adjustable height.