Digital Lectern RYJ23

1.Materials:1.2-2.0mm High quality cold -rolled steel plate ,Equipped with wooden armrest ,Reveal a beautiful lectern the same time to make the users comfort to use .

2.The left is sliding cover type cover ,In the top cover it can be put the laptop and documents etc .

3.In the operation interface ,we can equipped with the 21.5" touch screen .

4.On the top of the monitor which preset the power socket 、net port 、USB port 、VGA interface , convenient to the notebook computers external equipment connection use ; preset the place for Central  control panel .

5. Integrated the 19"Standard rack below the Table facet ,It can be used to the place the computer 、amplifier and other devices etc.

6.There exists glass Windows in the front of  equipment cabinet ,Easy to observe the working conditions .

7.There are a group of bottom roller pulley  on the bottom ,easy to move .