Electric Desktop Sit Stand Converter RE

Rs. 17,500.00

Electric Desktop Sit Stand Converter

The Electric Desktop Converter allows users to convert their existing desk set up to a sit/stand solution without need to discard your existing desk .The Electric Desktop sit stand Converter is an adjustable height desk that allows users to mount  monitor and keyboard  to the unit via VESA fitting or simply keep monitor of the wooden top . The electric motor makes it even easier to alternate between sitting and standing, by raising and lowering the main surface area via a simple control panel.Just set anywhere , no worries about your heigh any more.

The beauty of this products is that  Electric Height adjustable desk provides the benefits of alternating between sitting and standing without the need to discard your existing desk at a very reasonable cost .In sitting position the work surface exactly touches your existing desk for maximum comfort.


 Desktop width: 27.5"

Desktop depth: 19.5"

Lift capacity: 80 lbs

Height adjustment smooth and effortless with simple electric controls and a powerful motor hidden in the central column

Holds your monitors on a VESA Bracket (included).

VESA mounts have "Tilt, Pan and Rotate" adjustability

If non vesa monitor, simply keep on wooden top

Can bear weight capacity 80lbs

Electric motor functions with up and down switch,adjusts with the touch of a button

Can be used for laptops also

Big wooden top to keep monitor, keyboard , mouse .


The work surface and monitor adjust together .

Raises the work surface by 20 inches form your main table. Positions monitor at eye-height for maximum ergonomic benefit

Heavy Solid Steel Base , very sturdy for balance.



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