Laptop Sit Stand Arm & Desk

Rs. 18,850.00

It can move flexibly to adapt to different environments. You may push it around freely at home, outdoor places, offices, etc… It can also be used in the classrooms, hospital wards, and even by the side of disabled wheelchairs.

Comfortable and Healthy Experience

Fashion and Ergonomic Design

Hi-tech and Eco-friendly Material

 A Product of Epochal Achievement

Reasonable Layout, Great Enjoyment

 Enlarged Tabletop, Reduced Thickness, Extremely comfortable

 Accurate Gravity Design on Base

Injected with sand or water to increase the weight 

Heavy Duty and Silent Universal Wheel

 One Button Control, Easy Operation

 Adjustable Inclination of Tabletop, Great Care for You and Your Kids,

Any Sitting Position, Great Enjoyment

 Higher Working Efficiency, Skilled Preside over a Meeting

A wrong position can cause pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulders, back and arms, as well as headaches, pains in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and carpal tunnel syndrome, in which pressure on wrist nerves causes tingling and numbness in the hands

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