LCD Monitor Motorised Lift

This item is specially designed for the advanced conference solution. It provides an efficient manner and enjoyable experience in conference communication and information exchange. The item has earned a high reputation from our domestic & overseas clients by its convincing high-quality and our prompt in-place professional instruction & after-sale service. This range also has been greatly upgraded since 2013 with top quality, improved functions, optional control methods and more user-friendly etc. It can be adjusted easily to avoid the direct light into human eye in accordance with the principle of ergonomics. In that way it can reduce eyes’ tiredness.

  • Self-developed circuit board ensures stable quality control and enables additional functions if requested by customers.
  • Used stronger motor, enabling heavier load & its service life is thrice as long as the old one.
  • LED soft-touch control panel with delicate sense of touch or high quality silicone button with a long service life.
  • Anti-vibration ensure stable operation, smooth up & down & noiseless lifting.
  • Adjustable viewing angle 20°.
  • Neat integrated cable management.
  • Control Method: Manual or Remote Control or Central Control via RS485/RS232 compatible with most integrated control systems like AMX/Crestron/Extron.
  •  Material & Finish : Carbon steel in frosting finish; Aluminum in Brushed black or Brushed silver;Stainless steel in brushed finish.
  • Applicable to LCD monitors (17/19/22 inch); Bigger size can be custom-made.
  • Power requirement: 220v/20w (110V also available).
  • Standard bracket suitable for 80% LCD monitors & Hardware enclosed.
  • Warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.