Manually adjustable standing desk with hand crank (RCT)

Rs. 23,900.00

These standing desks of are manually adjustable and enable their user to work both seated and standing. These desks all have a hand crank with which their height can be adjusted. Studies have shown that switching between sitting and standing significantly reduces the risk of RSI.

    • Adjustable: hand crank
    • Height Adjustable Table from 71cm to 125cm
    • Width: Adjustable :110 cm to 160 cm
  • All of our Tables are height adjustable can adjust your table to suite your individual needs and comfort level. Our table bases come in a range of color options and our table tops also come in a variety of color choices and sizes, to allow you to personalize your table

Studies have shown that:

    • Reduce cancer risks substantially
    • Reduce heart disease risks  substantially
  • Increase energy, productivity and stamina
  • Decrease back and neck pain
  • Corrects posture to eliminate carpel tunnel issues
  • Lose Weight. Standing burns twice as many calories as sitting

Table top options at extra cost

120 by 70 cm


140 by 70 cm


160 cm by 80 cm


180 cm by 80 cm 



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