Smart Podium R27D

Smart lectern suits board meetings, press conferences, seminars, lectures and formal speaking events.
  • Equipped DELL Inspiron 2350 23'' all in one PC touch screen and 10 point touch with all-in-one PC presenting solution on top.
  • Preset with microphone and lamp socket on the surface.
  • Interface for power, audio, USB hub, Net, VGA, and HDMI port etc.
  • New electrical power lift with wide range adjustment by your will.
  • With our PPT-Show presentation software inside.
  • The digital podium system enable the user to write on a interactive monitor.
  • The digital podium has a built all-in-one PC which preset with microphone, and lamp socket on the surface. 
  • There are interface for power, audio, USB hub, Net, VGA, and HDMI port etc. 
  • It is placed on a firm floor-standing foot with cable management to connect whiteboard and touching TV etc.
  • both sides armrest makes better comfort of lecturer
  • lockable castors


Material aluminium
Dimension 78 x 65 x 134 cm
Weight 102 kg
Wheels 4 soft wheels with moving lectern for convenience
Power distributor AC outputs: 110 V - 240 V AC, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Laptop interface modules power 2x / USB 3x / AUDIO 1x /VGA 1x / HDMI 2x / MIC 2x /net 1x
Feature up/down with the user‘s will
Touch monitor 23 inches (multi-touch)
Adjusting monitor angle system user can set monitor‘s angle
All-In-One PC according to model range
VGA Signal type: VGA, XGA
max. resolution: 2048 x 1536 pixel frequency: 440 MHz
Video Composite input: video 4x composite output: video 2x bandwidth: 100 MHz return loss: —30 dB; 5 MHz
Packaging carton case
Certification CE, 3C, FCC, RoHS

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