Touch Standing Desk Converter (with Gas spring) RT

Rs. 12,900.00

Most  adults in the Hongkong  now spend more than 5 hours a day sitting, and this typically increases with more office deadlines . But our bodies weren’t designed to sit all day and sitting for long periods can have a major impact on our health and wellbeing. From Blood Pressure, Strained necks or Back , herniated discs , muscle weakness , heart problems, diabetes , much sitting can be severely bad for your health and life for you and your family 

Convert existing desk to standing one. Have gas spring inside for height adjustment , goes up and down by slight push inside and hand held lock and release  system.

 It isn’t necessary to lock this stand  in the highest or the lowest positions and 99% user use in it lowest position while sitting and highest position in standing .So its extremely convenient to use it .Due to gas spring inside, it comes up on highest  height moment u just give it a slight push upwards as gas spring open by itself , just give push and see it come upward by itself .Similarly go down is very soft due to soft gas spring, but again even if u keep 2 monitors on it , it wont come down by its own, u need a small  push for downward movement . So women can use it so comfortably and need not worry whether they will have a problem to lift it even if u have 2 monitors put on it.

Sit and stands and work easily , within second can change height with little push 

Smart looks. Big size platform to keep monitor big size and other office documents and office accessories 

Load bearing: 24 Kgs for gas spring .So u can keep 2 monitor, laptops etc it.U can keep Imac alos here without a worry how to lift it .

Wood used is Melamine MDF,

Base frame is Metal and Magnesium

Zinc alloy adjust joint

Color Black/White

Adjust Height (5 Step) if required:


Top size: 810*520*9mm to hold 2 monitor and accessories like tablets, phones and even laptop .In inches the top is 31" x 20".

Keyboard tray is 11.8" deep, large enough to hold a keyboard or a laptop and retractable to offer the ergonomically correct position whether sitting or standing.

Riser is fully assembled for use right out of the box

At a small cost protection yourself from ill affects of sitting like obesity, 

type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease.

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