Standing Electric Desk

Adjustable Height Desks, Electric Stand Up Desk, Sit to Stand Desks, Electric Height Adjustable Table Base for Electric Desk

Changing your working position regularly helps to prevent back problems. An adjustable desk is essential for this.
If you have an existing back problem then standing at a high desk for parts of your day rather than sitting all day at a standard desk can offer great relief and help the recovery process when back problems occurs. Its a standing desk which can be electrically adjusted in height due to the in-built motor system. With this electric table you can easily create the perfect ergonomic working height which will reduce RSI complaints and allows you to switch between standing and sitting work

  • Height electrically adjustable, 2 motors in each leg
  • Height: 580 - 1240 mm (excludes the tabletop)
  • Suited for persons up 6 feet heigh
  • Frame  adjustable: 1050 - 1600 mm wide 
  • Depth table feet: 600 mm
  •  Tabletop max size : 750 mm max deep and 1600 mm wide 
  • No. of motors: 2
  • Velocity: 30 mm/s
  • Dynamic load: 100 kg
  • Noise level: < 50 dB(A)
  • Voltage : 240 V

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